Our Foals

MO Foxtrotters' foals are blue papered, handled regularly, smart & naturally gaited. They have great conformation and gentle people friendly dispositions. Mares and foals are in pastures with other horses to allow socializing and exercise. When mature, they range in size at 14.3 to 16.1 hands. Uses for these quality foxtrotters include trail, pleasure, hunting, ranching or show.

MO Charm, curly filly: ICHO and
"Dallas" has another curly filly! Born July 6, 2010, this girl is gorgeous! She has big expressive eyes, a beautiful head, and long legs! She will be elegant. She is a curly bay based grey. "Charm" is dual registered MFTHBA and ICHO. (Click on name for more photos)
Windriver Pack Trip 2008
The Windrivers, WYO is one of the prettiest places we have packed in to. We were fortunate enough to take two of our grown children and their spouces. We rode six of our foxtrotters and took 2 pack horses. I must say, we had a great time and the horses were awesome! This was our campsite--great fishing! One afternoon we were standing around the campfire and noticed "Business" (My husband's foxtrotter gelding-- We can always say--He's gone on "Business") munching his way into camp. Suddenly, he grabbed THE bag of carrots out of the panniers! Spinning around, he ran to his buddies, shaking his head, spiling carrots everywhere--- much to the delight of his buddies. Yes, foxtrotters have tons of personality!
ZGC Dallas-- dominant curly fox trotter: ICHO &
INTRODUCING: "ZGC DALLAS"! "Dallas" is a 2006 dominant curly dual registered MFTHBA and ICHO (curly) stallion. He is out of reference sire: "DCC Vegas" and "Free Spirit Sarsparilla", "Sassy", our 15.3 mare out of "Toddy's Perfection". "Dallas" has great conformation, gait, disposition, size, and CURLS! Curlies are hypo-allergenic, so if you have horse allergies.....this boy's for you! We are excited to see what he will produce when crossed with our mares. His first foals summer 2010, were ALL curly! He is putting size, long legs with tons of reach, great gait, disposition, conformation and lots of marcel CURLS on his foals! He is producing about 70% curly foals! (Average is 50%) "Dallas" is one nice boy!(Click on name for more photos)
MO Qui, black curly filly, ICHO and
It's a CURLY! MO Foxtrotters first "Dallas" breeding produced a beautiful black extreme curly filly, born 6/12/2011! She is gorgeous! This filly is out of our buckskin mare "Stardust". Way to go! Dallas!! (Click on name for more photos)
MO Smokey Jo
The horse gods smiled on this day! "MO Qui" (my first foal out of "Dallas") gave us a gorgeous smokey (I think?) black CURLY FILLY!!!! She is gorgeous! Long legs, beautiful head, super friendly and curly! "Jo" is sired by "Danney's Legacy", an own son of "Danney Joe W." Incredible breeding! I am IN LOVE with this girl!
MO Dream Catcher-Curly black filly 3/11/2013
WELCOME "MO Dream Catcher"! "Cats" is a dominant CURLY black fox trotter filly that is gorgeous! AND hit the ground gaitin'! "Cats" is solid black CURLS with a diamond on her forehead! "Cats" is out of our stallion "Dallas" and our 16+ hand black mare "Midnight Lazy Pine". "Midnight" is bred by Don Hatch, WY, is so gaited, so smooth! I am so excited about this filly! (Can you tell!)